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PRESIDENT - Traction Digital Consulting - working with brands, companies & influencers to shape marketing, social, content and digital strategies. TDC innovates in an ever-evolving digital landscape to help companies accomplish business objectives.

Background: Creative marketer, content producer and social strategist. Proven track record of exponential growth, reach and engagement leading to innovation & awareness of social media throughout the business as well as monetization opportunities within the space. 

Led campaigns and high-profile collaborations at tent-poles. Produced/creative directed hundreds of custom elements, including features which received millions of views each.

Off the court: Avid reader & writer who loves anything creative, has been described as an NBA encyclopedia (with knowledge and experience across sports), involved with animal rescue and loves painting, fashion & traveling. 

"You were actually the bigger gift to us this past Summer League in the way you submerged yourself in our event, being so supportive of what we were trying to accomplish with social media and even intuitively expanding into areas we never even considered. In summation, the perfect collaboration" 

-Warren Legarie, Head of NBA Summer League

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