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Inspired by a question NBA Champion Steve Smith asked during an interview with LeBron James, we created the #NBARushmore digital product on, enabling fans to create their own "NBA Rushmores." In addition to the all-time Rushmore, we developed sub-categories to generate engagement and facilitate discussions. The franchise featured a digital hub and sponsored extensions across linear and social.

Originated from sitdown w/LeBron

#NBARushmore originated from Smitty's sitdown with LeBron James

On-Air Component

Smitty introduces #NBARushmore on-air (link below)

Rushmore Graphic

Collaborated with Steve Smith on special sub-categories including "Best Shooters" to keep #NBARushmore relevant throughout season #NBARushmore was featured on NBA TV and NBAonTNT social, and NBA TV

All-Stars weigh in

All-Stars weigh in: Curry gave his #NBARushmore of all-time best shooters (link below)

Sponsored campaign

Corresponding sponsored social campaign

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